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In the early 1980’s on 60 Minutes (CBS) a segment was done on Dr. Willard of the South Dakota School of Mines. The segment was about Dr. Willard’s Catalyst Altered Water (CAW) known as Willard Water. During the program they interviewed a number of people, including an order of nuns who were using Willard Water on their gardens with success. Another person used it for burns on his body and claimed success. Others claimed they used it on various ailments with success. During the program, Dr. Willard was shown standing by a stainless steel tank with water circulating in it. Dr. Willard was holding a large gas operated torch with the tip in the water. Now if this was known as an oxygen/hydrogen torch, the mixture is also known as Brown’s Gas. This produces a very hot flame that actually burns under water. This is only one way of putting atomic oxygen into water. Atomic oxygen is extremely soluble, only exceeded by water itself.



Then I obtained a bottle of Willard Water and took it to a testing company in St. Paul, Minnesota and had it tested for atomic oxygen. The certified test came back that proved it contained atomic oxygen. Please let me explain what atomic oxygen is. The chemical symbol for it is O1 or O. It has a number of different names, such as nascent, singlet, dissolved, ionized oxygen and it has also been called Vitamin O. According to National Geographic it has been on this earth as long as there has been water and sunlight. In 1863 a man by the name of Messner proved its existence in rain water and it has been collaborated by many others since. The previous is from the Journal of the American Medical Association, March 3, 1888.
Atomic oxygen is in our atmosphere and nature uses it to clean pollutants, especially sulfur dioxide (SO2). Water (H2O) is the carrier of atomic oxygen (O1). When combined, they form sulfuric acid (H2SO4), the acid rain. This is referenced in the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado, 80307. Atomic oxygen is the second most active element presently known to man. It is 300 times more active than chlorine. Chlorine and atomic oxygen are not compatible. It is only compatible with two metals, good pure aluminum and high quality stainless steel. Emmet Culligan, who has written a number of books on the subject of water, made the statement that rain water has an electrical force that he could not find. Atomic oxygen is used by our bodies as a first line of our defense system according to an article published in the Webb-Waring Lung Institute and the Pulmonary Divisions of the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado.
After receiving the results of the certified test on Willard Water, I started checking other waters that will test 1 part of atomic oxygen to 25,000,000 parts of water. All my life I had heard about Lourdes, France which is located in South France in the Pyrenees Mts. The history of the city of Lourdes goes back to the time of the Romans, who were instrumental in selling arms to Hannibal, who came from North Africa and crossed the Alps to fight the Romans. A movie was made and released in 1944 starring Jennifer Jones about Lourdes and the famous spring. Four and a half million people go to Lourdes each year to drink the water and bathe in it.
In 1982 my mentor, Father Richard Willhelm, and I traveled to Lourdes and our first stop was to the Medical Bureau there. The secretary immediately questioned what we were doing here. My mentor replied that we came to test the spring water of Lourdes. Her reply was that we should save our time since institutions from all over the world had already tested it and found it to be only pure water. Now to me, pure water means triple distilled water, which on the label warns “Do Not Drink” and is so pure it will leech the mineral out of the body. Upon going to the source of the spring at Lourdes, I noticed a little plant growing in the moving spring water. It had anchored itself to a rock at the bottom of the spring. Now this plant would have to get its minerals, nutrients and oxygen out of the water. We obtained some of the water directly from the spring and ran our test on it, finding it had a good amount of atomic oxygen, more than in other spring water we had previously tested.

On completing the test, we went back to the Medical Bureau and left the test and the instructions on how to do this same test if they wished to do so themselves. Since then we have tested the waters in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico finding traces of atomic oxygen. We also tested the waters at Hot Springs, Arkansas, Soap Lake, Washington and Thermopolis, Wyoming. I also went to Alaska and obtained some ice from the bottom of a glacier, ran a test on it and found traces of atomic oxygen. We tested other springs and found that when a spring has good clear water in it, some of them have watercress growing in them. I tested the juice from the watercress and found it had atomic oxygen.  Now wild watercress grows only in good unpolluted spring water. Watercress does not root in the bottom except in moving spring water, then it will anchor itself to the bottom. It usually just floats on top of spring water, getting its nutrients, minerals and oxygen from the water. It is one of the most nutritious greens and because of its scarcity in the wild, it is also very expensive.
After doing this research, I came upon an article about the spring at Hot Springs, South Dakota. The story I heard was similar to one published by the Chamber of Commerce at Hot Springs. Did Native Americans know something about this spring that they would fight battles over who controlled it for the purpose of drinking and bathing in it? This I had to find out for myself.
My wife and I and another couple traveled to Hot Springs and went to the Chamber of Commerce. I inquired as to where I could obtain some water directly from the source. He asked me why I wanted it and I told him it was for testing. He said “You’re just wasting your time” , but gave me directions to Kidney Spring. He said there was a plaque at the spring listing the contents of the water. On the way to the spring I questioned why it was named “Kidney”. Was it to discourage the folks from drinking the water? I tested the spring water and it immediately reacted. Most times it takes 24 hours to bring up this indication proving that the content of atomic oxygen was higher than anything I had tested before. I returned to the Chamber of Commerce and gave the man the directions for testing so he could do it himself if he chose to do so. We then went to the Mammoth Museum , which I found to be excellent because parts of the mammoth skeletons were still in the ground.
A couple years ago I received a telephone call from a business man in Hot Springs requesting that we come by to visit him on our way back to Minnesota from wintering in Arizona. In early April, we did just that and had a very good visit. The next morning we went to get a couple gallons of water from Kidney Spring when I noticed that on both sides of the river, vegetation was growing as far as I could see. I asked my friend what it was and he didn’t know but said that wild ducks stop there to eat it. After he picked some in the river for me, I identified it as wild watercress and ate it. It has a mild taste of radish. If you harvest any of it, be sure to do it correctly. Use a kitchen shears to trim it off, leaving the roots intact. Cattle love watercress but would destroy it, eating roots and all. In my opinion, Hot Springs has some very good assets that are not being fully recognized. Upon coming home, my wife tested the water with a simple test strip and there was an immediate reaction.
Atomic oxygen is in actuality the oxygen in water that is known as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). It is available over- the- counter in a 3% 10 volume concentration at drugstores, grocery stores,Wal-Mart and I even bought it in a Nevada casino. Put 3 ounces of hydrogen peroxide into 1 quart of nonchlorinated water and water or mist your houseplants or garden and watch them grow. There is a special grade of hydrogen peroxide known as food grade, approved by the FDA in early 1981 for use in processing food and for the asceptic packaging system.  Hydrogen peroxide is also used as a bleach, as in changing chicken dark meat to light and for bleaching paper and paper products that come in contact with food. This includes milk cartons, wrapping paper for meat, coffee filters, etc. On a garden show on CBS recently, Rebecca Kohls suggested putting a small amount of 3% hydrogen peroxide in the water vase in which you place cut flowers to extend the life of the flowers. Essential Water Solutions, Inc., Story City, Iowa has available a special enhanced hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting water for farm animals and poultry and also for use in agriculture.

This website is dedicated to my mentor: Walter Grotz. 

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world.

Walter O. Grotz

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