1993 Anonymous!!
"Questionable Methods of Cancer Management: Hydrogen Peroxide and Other 'Hyperoxygenation' Therapies"
Anonymous (American Cancer Society)
A Cancer Journal For Clinicians
January-February, 1993
Volume 43 (1)
Pages 47-56
PMID: 8422605 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
A quote from the following paper...
"The American Cancer Society recommends that individuals with cancer not seek treatment from individuals promoting any form of hyperoxygenation therapy as an 'alternative' to proven medical modalities."
 [Webmaster's note: In all of my time searching through PuMed, this article jumped out of the computer because no authors were listed. Interestingly, absolutely no one at the "American Cancer Society" was willing to sign their name to this article.  Hmm...]

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