1980 Thorne, et al.
"Role of Hydrogen Peroxide in the Cytotoxic Reaction of T Lymphocytes"
Kareen J. I. Thorne, Rosamund J. Svvennsen and D. Franks
Clin. Exp. Immunol.
February, 1980
Volume 39 (2)
Pages 486-495
PMID: 6248285 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
A quote from the following paper...
"Since the killing of bacteria, viruses and certain protozoa is mediated by hydrogen peroxide and peroxidase, the possibility exists that a similar mechanism might operate in the cytotoxicity of T lymphocytes to target tumour cells.  Hydrogen peroxide is known to be toxic to tumour cells, although different target cells appear to differ in their sensitivity to this oxidizing agent.  Hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of 5 x 10-4 M had a significant cytotoxic activity to the P815 mastocytoma cells used in the present work. The susceptibility of tumour cells to hydrogen peroxide is now well established.  We postulate that the mastocytoma interacts with the T cell inducing the production of hydrogen peroxide, probably at a highly localized site.  This hydrogen peroxide then attacks certain sulphydryl groups on the mastocytoma cells which initiates in the cell the serious of reactions including violent blebbing or zeiosis which lead ultimately to its death."

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