1975 R.K. Root, et al.
"Hydrogen Peroxide Release From Human Granulocytes During Phagocytosis"
R.K. Root, J. Metcalf, N. Oshiro, and B. Chance
Journal of Clinical Investigation
May, 1975
Volume 55 (5)
Pages 945-955
PMID: 1123431 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
A quote from the following paper...
Hydrogen peroxide, supplied in an extracellular location, readily diffuses into granulocytes to stimulate intracellular metabolic events, indicating that cellular membranes provide no parrier to diffusion of this substance.  Thus, it seems evident that the release of hydrogen peroxide from granulocytes during phagocytosis represents diffusion from an expanded intracellular pool of free hydrogen peroxide that develops during particle ingestion.  The amount released should depend upon and reflect the concentration of free intracellular hydrogen peroxide."


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