1965 Harold C. Urschel et al.
"Cardiac Resuscitation With Hydrogen Peroxide"
Harold C. Urschel, Jr., James W. Finney, Andres R. Morales, George A. Balla, and John T. Mallam
Circulation, Supplement II
October, 1965
Volumes XXXI and XXXII
A quote from the following paper...
"Ventricular fibrillation or cardiac arrest resulting from myocardial ischemia or anoxia in hearts which could not be resuscitated by conventional techniques could be reversed to regular sinus rhythm by the regional application of dilute hydrogen peroxide."
[Comment from author/webmaster James Paul Roguski: These researchers found a potential cure for heart attacks and fibrillation way back in the 1960s and absolutely no one seems to care! For further information, please visit my other website...]





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