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My 15 year old dog came down with severe pneumonia on a Sunday. She had trouble breathing and was coughing badly. I took her to the animal emergency room and they told me after an x-ray that she has fluids in her lungs and severe pneumonia. They kept her for 2 days in an oxygen chamber and put her on diuretics and antibiotics. Tuesday night I picked her up from the hospital, but she could barely walk so they had to put her on a stretcher to take her to my truck. They gave me 2 different antibiotics and a diuretic in pill form with instructions how to give them. Tuesday night she wouldn’t eat and threw up the pills I had force fed her. She was also still coughing. Wednesday morning she still didn’t eat and again threw up all the pills I gave her. I thought this is it, we have to put her down. I called the vet Wednesday morning to ask if we could try different antibiotics, but the vet never called back due to many emergencies.
I was searching the internet and found your book “the Truth about Hydrogen Peroxide”. I went home during lunch and just rubbed the 3% store brand on my dog’s chest, because that was all I had. After 5 minutes she started eating. I discontinued all pills. When I came home Wednesday night I rubbed the Hydrogen Peroxide again on her chest. Thursday morning the coughing was gone and she was able to run, yes run, up the stairs. Needless to say I immediately ordered the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and can’t wait for it to arrive.  Thank you so much for making this information available. My dog is improving every day and it seems like her hips are also getting better. Thank you thank you thank you. You are my hero. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Birgit Cortese



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