Father Richard Willhelm
The simple fact that you are reading these words means that you owe Father Richard Willhelm and Walter Grotz a small thank you.  And that is all that they would want. 
Walter Grotz is THE most instrumental person in the world in regards to spreading the word about hydrogen peroxide.  For more than two decades, Walter has been telling everyone who would listen about the wonders and benefits of food grade hydrogen peroxide. 

Walter was introduced to the benefits of hydrogen peroxide in 1982 by Father Richard Willhelm and has generously allowed us to share recordings of some of the talks he has made.  In 1987, Father Willhelm and Walter Grotz received the Health Pioneer Award from the National Health Federation. If you are curious about hydrogen peroxide, and seek accurate information, it is best to listen to the experts...
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Father Willhelm


Dr. Kurt Donsbach

Inspired by research provided by Walter Grotz,  Dr. Kurt Donsbach incorporated the use of intravenous infusions of hydrogen peroxide into the protocols used in his alternative care treatment centers around the world where literally hundreds of thousands of people have benefitted from the use of hydrogen peroxide.
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Dr. Kurt Donsbach AUDIO

Murray Bast
Murray Bast,  the president of Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors Inc., is devoted to understanding and working with nature by producing and supplying products and services that support true sustainable agriculture (livestock and crop production).  Hydrogen peroxide is effective at reducing many of the problems associated with both residential and farm well water, including, dissolved ferrous iron, iron slime, manganese, calcium and hydrogen sulfide.
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Water Treatment Audio

Fruit Trees

Frost Protection



Mixing Peroxide With Other Material

Intravenous Use In Animals

Controlling Manure Odor AUDIO

A Poem In Honor Of Farmers

Alwyne Pilsworth

Alwyne Pilsworth, a British agronomist, has performed numerous farming studies utilizing various forms of peroxide.  His focus was mostly on potatoes, but the information he provides is applicable to any plant.
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Alwyne Pilsworth Audio



CLICK HERE to visit ACRES USA to choose from their selection of audio recordings about the use of hydrogen peroxide (enter hydrogen peroxide into their search bar).

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Walter O. Grotz

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FDA Approval of Oxygen

Walter Grotz AUDIO

Hydrogen Peroxide Pioneers






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101 Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

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