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"Hydrogen peroxide is NOT a "drug".  Hydrogen peroxide is NOT medicine. Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally-occurring substance that is made by Mother Nature and is also made by every cell in your body.  All of the information in this book is designed to encourage you to realize that hydrogen peroxide is a necessary NUTRIENT that your body desperately needs."

"The real problem with hydrogen peroxide is that it won't bring in money.  It is a natural substance and therefore can't be patented. There is really nothing the drug companies can do about it except scare people into thinking that it is bad for them."
"When hydrogen peroxide is used as a therapeutic agent, it soon becomes obvious that it is useful in treating a wide variety of seemingly unrelated conditions."


"Hydrogen peroxide can act as an anti-cancer drug with two distinct advantages over conventional therapeutic agents: it produces minimal short and long term side effects and is relatively cheap and cost effective."



"Intra-arterial infusion of hydrogen peroxide has been noted to reverse the atherosclerotic process."



"I have had people coming into the office literally in the process of having a stroke.  They are practically inconscious.  We hook them up to the hydrogen peroxide, and an hour or two later, they walk out feeling fine."



"The group treated with infusions of hydrogen peroxide missed a total of 5 days of work while the control group that received the 'conventional treatment' missed 41 days of work."



"It turns out that intravenous hydrogen peroxide can do something special, something that no other substance I know of can do.  It can clean the lungs!"



"Neutrophils have multiple systems available for killing ingested bacteria.  Nearly all of these incorporates hydrogen peroxide, indicating its essential nature."


"We can prove with blood samples that we can hyperoxygenate your bloodstream better with hydrogen peroxide than by breathing oxygen.  Better than by infusing ozone, better than by putting the patient into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber."

"An expert advisory committee on antimicrobial agents found that hydrogen peroxide was the only substance that could safely and effectively be used for cleaning mouth injuries."


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